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Our Story

We didn't invent great barbecue, we just brought it to Da Ville!

We didn't invent Great BBQ, we just brought it to Da Ville. There are several Barbecue locations in the city of Louisville, however we pride ourselves on being the best. Our BBQ has been inspired by different states around the country. The states that we feel do it the best. Our Brisket is Smoked and Cut Texas Style, our famous Burnt Ends are inspired from Kansas City Missouri, Our Wings and Ribs are inspired by the Memphis Dry Rub, and "No Sauce Needed" policy.

Everyday we wake up at 3 a.m and smoke everything fresh. For the past 5 years we have successfully run a food truck and we are looking to grow to bigger and better things. Our delicious chicken, wings, brisket and pork, have all earned us notoriety and first place  in several competitions in the city. Oh yeah and the  Ribs........well; they speak for themselves! We pride ourselves in great quality food, even better customer service with a smile, and DANG GOOD BBQ. You know it's good when you have a line of loyal customers just waiting to be served.  Don't be scared, just jump in line and remember,  a line means the food is good,  a long line means it's worth the wait, and once you try it, I promise you'll be back for seconds. "If Eating Back Deck is Wrong,  I Don't Wanna Eat Right". We can't wait for you to try Back Deck BBQ!!

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